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jon: that's exciting. thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. alisyn: fox news alert on new worries are of the future of the u.s. economy. welcome to "america live," i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. has lawmakers slug it out over the debt on capitol hill you've learned so much about that in the past weeks, a top kph*ebg ises with goldman sachs is now warning that america's financial future is even more uncertain than we knew. the knew analysis suggests that the u.s. recovery is going nowhere and could be headed back to the full-fledged recession that we were in two years ago. stewart varney is of the fox business network and he joins me now. tell us about the headline from this goldman report, stu. >> reporter: it's a blockbuster. this is goldman sachs, the very well known investment banker, very powerful and famous, they've come flat out and said, look, we are not going to have the kind of vigorous recovery
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that we were expecting to have. as you point out, they say, look, unemployment is still going to be 8 3/4 percent by the end of next year and the economy will not pick up rapidly but slow down a little bit from where it is now. we've done some digging into the government's own figures. if the economy was expanding nicely, rapidly, you would expect the government would be taking in a lot more money, because more people are working, they are spending and they would be taxed more. that is not happening. in june of this year the amount of money flowing into the treasury was actually less than it was in june of last year, about a billion and a half less. there you have it. we've got from 251 billion, 249 this june. that is not a picture of an expanding, vigorous dynamic economy. alisyn: and they looked at gdp and apparently had to revise their previous estimates downward. does this mean the double-dip
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recession that everyone has feared? >> reporter: it means it puts it back on the radar screen. it is now a more likely possibility, if you can put it like that. we were expecting, when we came out of this very bad recession that you rebound quickly. the economy grows smartly and unemployment comes down. that has not happened. we've got a very, very sluggish recovery, in fact it doesn't feel like much of a recovery at all. unemployment has actually gone back up above 9%. i got some figures from the federal reserve, they show that current truck sales, for example, down by a quarter from where they were before the recession began. that's not a recovery-mode economy. we are eating out less, spending less. the housing market is still falling. we are not buying houses, appliances, carpets, all that kind of stuff. we have not recovered, and we are not in a vigorous recovery mode. if you think this through, you can just go down the road a little bit, it means that our debt situation is going to get
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worse, not better. you need and expanding economy for the amount of money coming into the treasury to go up, that is the exact opposite of what we've got. alisyn: and, stu, just last some had pointed to the strange timing of this report, why goldman put it out on a friday evening, which historically has served as burial ground for stories. >> reporter: it is the burial ground for stories, that is right. look, many people say that goldman sachs is a big supporter of the obama administration, a big supporter of democrats generally. this is an unfavorable report for the administration so kind of burr right on a friday afternoon. alisyn: interesting. well we're glad that you've brought it to light for us. stu varney thanks so much. another fox news alert for you right now, because we are just getting word that the president is already threatening to veto a bill that will be hitting the house floor tomorrow. the tea party-backed cut, cap and balance plan would provide the president a 2.4 trillion
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increase on the debt limit, and would also include a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. congressman dan hrupb gree l u.n joins me to talk about this live. hello, long man. >> hello. >> we have to see whether he will really veto it. the president has said a lot of things that haven't come true. this is the most leaderless president i've seen in my lifetime. here we have a situation in which we should be coming together, and yet the president appears to be panicking. he's the one who said a number of years ago that you shouldn't raise the debt ceiling unless you're going to do something substantial. he's the one who said a couple of years ago, and last year followed through on it, in which the conclusion was, you don't raise taxes in the midst of a downturn in the economy. now he's going back on all of
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those things, and all he's telling us, no, no to anything we put up there. we are going to fight for this. we believe in this. if he vetoes it, then we will go to plan b, but right now plan a is the one that would actually bring a recovery to this economy, and we are not going to give up on it just because the president has a press conference in the white house to tell us what he will not do. he still has not told us what he will do. alisyn: congressman i also want to ask you about this new cbs news poll which has just been released in which 48% of respondents say that they disapprove of the job that the president is doing on the debt talks, however, 71% of respondents say that they disapprove of the job that you and your republican colleagues are doing in congress on the debt talks. why do you think they are holding you and your colleagues more responsible than the president and the democrats? >> well i think because the president has the bully pulpit. the white house always has the bully pull it. it takes longer for us to get our message across.
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we are going to continue with our message. we think it's right. this is not about the next election, this isn't about 2012 as the president seems to suggest, this is about the future of our children and grandchildren. when i first came to congress first time around i had three young children. i now have six young grandchildren. i can't believe that the president is asking me to tell my grandchildren that we're going to forget about their futures and that we are not going to do what is necessary to bring our spending under control. the fact of the matter is, and i know it sounds like a kennard, but it's absolutely true. we have a problem in washington, it's not a taxing problem it's a spending problem. alisyn: obviously you have been am erring that message that it's a spending problem but clearly that message is not resonating with voters if 71% hold the republicans more responsible than they do the president. so what will you do in the next two weeks, before august 2nd, and that deadline, to make sure that your message is actually
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having an impact? >> well i hope we don't just respond to the polls, and that is runaway from what has to be done. i hope what we do is continue to believe in what we are doing. the fact of the matter -- look, even the president's top economist christine romer and her husband did research in 2007 when she was in the private sector in which she said taxes of the type that the president is talking about have a direct negative impact on our gdp. we are close to the tipping point right now in terms of what our debt is versus the gdp. for the president to say what he wants us to do is to raise taxes, which will have a negative affect on the growth of our economy, in other words, make the gdp even smaller, is just crazy. and so all i can say to you is i know what the polls are saying but the fact of the matter is i'd rather look at my grand kids than look at the polls and i'd like to be honest with them and i think we are being honest with them. the american people finally will reward good behavior.
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the fact of the matter is i think we are doing the right thing. we've got to continue to do the right thing and not be knocked off because the president has a press conference or two. alisyn: congressman dan l u.n. gren we really appreciate you taking a brick to come on and share your perspective with us. we will monitor over the next two weeks. wall street is on edge today as the debt debate continues. there you see it there. that is we're down on just lee the dow is down 154 points at the moment. worries over whether or not lawmakers will raise the debt ceiling apparently driving down the markets. at one point the dow fell 171 points. investors are also keeping a close eye on europe's dragging economy. coming up we'll have our political panel weigh in on weather -- on where the debt debate, i should say, heads next. meanwhile over at the white house at this hour president obama is about to announce his pick to head the consumer financial watchdog agency. former ohio attorney general
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richard cordreaux is his pick, the agency to defend consumers from abusive bankers and other financial institutions. in picking him the president bypassed elizabeth warren who helped create that very bureau but whose nomination would have faced major opposition in the senate. we'll bring you any news as that happens. you can watch the nomination, it is streaming live on our website fox news alert for you right now, an emergency warning from the u.s. consulate in mexico telling americans in a border city the drug cartel members may be targeting its facilities or u.s. entry points. this is in cuidad juarez that you've heard so much about, right across the border from el paso texas. trace gallagher is following the breaking details from our west coast newsroom. what do we know, trace. >> reporter: it's concerning. the u.s. consulate issues
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warnings, it's not uncommon down there for americans but it's very uncommon for them to issue an emergency warning. this is a very good indication they have information that the threat to americans and u.s. interests along the border could be imminent. the warning reads in part, i want to put this on the screen for you, information has come to light that suggests a cartel may be targeting the u.s. consulate in cuidad juarez or u.s. ports of entry in the past cartels have been willing to utilize car bomb attacks. we ask american citizens to remain vigilant. we should also note the cartels are also using more improvised explosive devices, ied's which is a new tactic. authorities say one of the main reasons for the increase in violence is the retaliation. retaliation for recent captures of major cartel leaders. in the past few months at least three major cartel leaders have been captured. the information concerning these attacks appears to be coming from the captured cartel
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leaders. now what makes this significant is that as a rule the cartels try to avoid u.s. interests like the playing, they d plague, he t to bring down the wrath of the u.s. government. david hartley, that incident where he was shot and killed, experts believe his death was a mistake by a low-level cartel person. so when you talk about directly targeting u.s. interests, that would be a very bold shift in strategy that we simply cannot seen here. if that's the case, that is a game-changer, which is why this emergency warning is such a unique piece of paper coming out of the u.s. consulate in mexico. alisyn: it sure is. trace gallagher, thanks so much for telling us about that warning. we'll check back in with you. hundreds of police officers from around the country are in indiana to mourn the death of an officer killed on-duty, but the most powerful moment of all involved the officer's canine partner, the dog wounded in the
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same attack, and that story is just ahead for you. and an investigation underway into the bizarre deaths of a young boy and a woman, the two dying tragic deaths within just days of each other at the california mansion of a drug company ceo. we'll get the latest on that mystery. and a new warning about taxes coming from a top u.s. economist. is every income earner about to get hit very hard? we'll have the answer for you after the break. ♪ cuz i'm the tax man, yeah, i'm the tax man. ♪ pwhrafp my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose.
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>> reporter: hundreds of police officers and first responders gathering today to say goodbye to their own. brent long died in a shot out.
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he was shot in a delivery of a search warrant. his dog also took a bullet in the eye tack but recovered enough to take part in the memorial ceremony. so just two days ago president obama in his weekly address to the nation suggested cutting out certain tax breaks and deductions for the nation's wealthiest people to help tackle of course the debt problem. but a new report from a top economist at stanford university says the entire country should brace for the tough tax rate to shoot up to 70%. that could have an impact on all income earners of course. lou dobbs is here with us now. there was an opinion piece in the "wall street journal" that says we are headed from a 35% top tax rate to a 70% tax rate in the next decade or so. how does he get to those
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numbers? >> he gets to those numbers applying the cost of obamacare, the expiration of the bush tax cuts if you will and taking on the effective rate of 6.2 poerz payroll taxes for both the employer, employee, the impact then on the aggregate income of wage earners across the country. it would amount to about 70% by his math. here is the real deal. the real deal is raising taxes right now in this week economy with 25 million of our fellow citizens, unemployment, under employed or who have just given up being employed reaching an unemployment much 9.2%, idiots in washington d.c. want to raise taxes and shrink the available money to consumers to taxpayers? this is madness and of itself period. jenna: what about president obama's argument that tax -- the tax rate for the top earners is actually lower today than it was says during jimmy carter's presidency or even ronald
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reagan's he argues. >> what is the point of that? right now we have more people earning more money paying more taxes. the top 5% paid 40% of the taxes in the country. the top 10% say 60% of all income taxes. this is a class warrior, president obama, and if he doesn't stop with the crazy, negative class war rhetoric he is going to go down as one of the worst leaders in this country's history. and i'm being very serious about it. he is rattling markets, he is scaring older americans who are dependent upon their social security checks. this is a man instead of standing up and talking positively and with force about what he will do is talking about being simply a drip as a leader, and subject to unforeseen forces. i mean this is -- this is a horrible moment for our national leadership. >> reporter: as you know senator tom coburn is about to come out
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in an hour or so with thinks plan to cut $9 trillion from the debt. what do you make of his plan? >> i make of this. in all do respect to senator tom coburn, this is something now for the republicans to work out within their caucus. what we don't need is another lone ranger who has decided that 9 trillion is the right number. we have congressman paul allen who decided that he had to take on entitlements as well as reduce spending by $6 trillion. >> reporter: paul ryan. >> ryan. we have a president who is throwing around a number of 4 trillion and doesn't have any detail for it. what we have is a 14.5 trillion national debt. a $1.7 trillion federal budget deficit. we're spending too much money. does anybody in washington understand that? bring it under control, start acting like adults, that's what the nation needs. that's what those 25 million people who don't have work desperately need, and this economy needs to be restored to prosperity. if they could focus on that we could dispense with op ed pieces
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on marginal tax rates and start talking about rising revenue for the federal government. >> reporter: you make it sound simple, lou dobbs thank you for coming in. great to see you. you can catch lou on the fox list network every night. it heirs we can nights at 7:00pm eastern time. we are monitoring some breaking news unfolding on lake michigan, a 35-foot sailboat capsizes in the middle of a big race. they just found the two missing crew members. we have more on that for you. plus, one quarter of america is now suffering some kind of drought conditions, and this may become a permanent condition, not temporary just this summer. we are going to show you what scientists are considering as the water crisis worsens. and has this debt debate become more about increasing taxes and less about cutting spending? we'll show you answers to that question in five minutes. >> the difference between the republicans and democrats is that the president wants to get rid of all these loopholes just
1:21 pm
to increase spending. that is all he's wanted to do. everybody gives him credit right now for being the adult at the table. this is the man who came to congress and asked us to raise the debt ceiling without any spending cuts. this is the man who gave us a budget that didn't even get a single vote in the senate. and now he's saying that he's serious, i think that's a joke. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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alisyn: fox news alert. a tragedy unfolding at this hour in lake michigan. two sailors were just declared dead after their sailboat cap sizecapsized after the annual mackinac race. one rescued crew member told his
1:25 pm
family that the 35-foot sailboat was preparing for a storm when it was overcome by winds and waves. and there are major developments in the news of the world phone hacking investigation in britain. prime minister david cameron ordering a special parliamentary session hours after another high profile member of scotland yard announced his resignation. several of the british papers reporters are accused of hacking into private cellphone accounts and bribing police officers for information. the newspaper was owned by news corp., the parent company of fox news. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is live in london. what do we know today, amy. >> reporter: the phone hacking case is not just touching the top etc etchelon, but the police force. britain's two top cops
1:26 pm
resigning, the latest casualty john yates who was the assistant police commissioner, this resignation coming on the heels of the resignation of the commissioner himself yesterday amidst allegations that the original phone hacking investigation back in 2009 wasn't handled thoroughly or properly among other issues, and the police complaints commission has received four referrals about the conduct of different senior police officials in connection with this case. then rebecca brooks, until recently the head of rupert murdoch's british newspaper group arrested yesterday in connection with conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption, alleged payments to police for information. she was released on bail. her lawyers claim she is innocent of any crimes. finally david cameron in africa to drum up business for british companies, cut that trip short and being forced to defend his hiring of andy colson of his
1:27 pm
chief of communication. colson resigned in january, he was arrested and released last week. >> no one has argued that the work he did in government was in any way inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government, he then left government. >> reporter: rebecca brooks, rupert murdoch and his son james who is also a top news corp. executive are going to be meeting in the parliamentary committee tomorrow answering questions about phone hacking and the alleged payments to police. the parliament is convening an emergency session wednesday to decide how to best deal with this ongoing situation. that is the latest from london. alisyn: thank you for the update. meanwhile an investigation underway in california following two bizarre deaths. the girlfriend of a pharmaceutical ceo was found bound, gagged and hanging from a balcony. now that ceo's son is dead just five days later. we're going to have the latest in this very strange case.
1:28 pm
new details on how this stage collapesed in front of a live concert audience. see how close this came to a deadly and tragic incident. plus, did the president and democrats stall the debt debate on purpose? a serious allegation leveled by one republican senator. >> i don't trust washington because they have shown time and again any time they get their hands on more money they don't use is to pay or avoid debt, they use it to grow the government. took some crazy risks as a kid. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. 80% of people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol. lipitor is a cholesterol lowering medication, fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease.
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alisyn: a man charged with killing a soldier outside an arkansas recruiting center wants to defend himself in court. he is facing the death penalty for private william long's murder. he told police it was retaliation for u.s. military action in the middle east. police believe a blown tire is to blame for a deadly bus two passengers died and three others seriously injured. the bus was on the way from washington d.c. to niagara falls. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis closing the hatch from the international space station for the very last time. astronauts detached a massive container full of the space station's trash so that it can be transported back to earth. a live report on the final shuttle mission coming up for you. and tragedy striking again for a prominent pharmaceutical executive living in san diego
1:33 pm
four days after his girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony in his mansion, his six-year-old son dies from injuries he got falling down the stairs. trace gallagher is following this live from los angeles. what a bizarre and sad story, trace, what do we know? >> reporter: it really does read like a stephen king novel. this thing is crazy. you have two mysterious deaths at a famous mansion within days of each other. these deaths may not be connected. even the san diego county sheriff's department says this thing is, quoting here, very bizarre, that is the sprecles mansion built back in 1908 near the hotel coronado. it's owned by jonah shacknai who owns a pharmaceutical company. last year they made $700 million. his six-year-old son fell down the ballroom steps. he died this weekend. the woman on the left was watching him at the time, his 32-year-old live in girlfriend, her name is rebecca nalepa.
1:34 pm
she was hanging from a balcony, her hands and feet were bound. they do not know whether it was murder or suicide. jonah shacknai was not home during any of these events. his brother is the one who found the woman hanging. we are learning that shacknai has been married twice before. a couple of 911 phone calls were made from the house to the authorities. they won't tell us exactly what those calls were about. we expect to get that information some time later today, as soon as we get it we will give it to you, because clearly a lot more questions than answers right now in what is becoming a very bizarre case just outside of san diego. alisyn: how mysterious, trace gallagher, thanks so much. we'll look forward to that update.
1:35 pm
with less than five days in the president's deadline on the debt debate several gop law makers are defending against attacks that their threat to hold the line against tax increases is unreasonable. >> what i think the american people keep saying is you were elected to do something, to come together to make compromises and make government work, and why isn't that a message that you hear. >> compromise always means increasing taxes today, and doing cuts in ten years from now. i think that is the problem that the american people v. the american people will not stand for that. alisyn: is that what compromise means? raise taxes now cut taxes later. brad blakeman is a former assistant to george w. bush.
1:36 pm
dick harpootlian is also here with us. does this mean cut spending and raise taxes later. >> compromise means finding middle ground. i might point out if you look at history, bill clinton left, had tax rates that were higher than they are now, but he had tax rates that stimulated business, encouraged investment, and left a surplus as far as the eye could see in the federal budget. alisyn: you're saying that tax hikes are always a part of compromise. >> no, no, no, no, what i'm saying is there is a process -- if we're going to continue to subpoensubsidize donald triumphs and oil production and hedge fund managers when every american is paying twice that amount are those tax increases? i don't think so. i think it's closing loopholes
1:37 pm
for the greed heads on wall street and business. none of those guys create a single job. alisyn: brad, your response to that. are republicans willing to close some of those loopholes that dick pointetted out and would that be compromise. >> absolutely. we are willing to do that. the trouble is, if you listen to democrats they go back to their mantra are they want to raise tax rates on all of those people making $250,000 or more. that's what they said when they came into office, that's what they want to do. we've been down this road before. in 1990 president 41 broke his tax pledge of 88, raised taxes and he didn't get reelected. we're going to stick to principle. our problem isn't revenue it's spending. if democrats want to get serious we'll raise the debt ceiling but we need significant tax cuts, we need to take on entitlements and nondiscretionary spending, and yes, dick, yes, dick we need to hold the line on taxes. we are not raising taxes. alisyn: dick, i mean obviously
1:38 pm
you know the statistic if the president raised taxes and took every cent of every bit of income that people who make $250,000 or more if they took all of their income it still would not close the definite. so clearly there has to be something more than just raising taxes. what's the compromise there. >> the president's proposed significant cuts in spending, significant cuts in spending. the problem is the republicans don't -- and mitch mcconnell, and boehner in the house both have proposed some moderate closing of loopholes and they get pushed back from ryan and the tea party crazies. the problem is that there is no sense of compromise, and i think mcconnell and boehner are going to have to get their tea party radicals in line. >> your party is getting pushed back on touching social security, medicare and medicaid. do you know how much waste, fraud and abuse can be saved just by gleaning out that from a system that is broken and going
1:39 pm
broke? >> the president is for significant chains in medicare and medicaid. >> not the left wing of your party. >> but the left wing. >> just like we have problems with the right wing of our party, you guys have the same problem on your side. >> well, brad you and i could work it out, no question about it, we're reasonable people, we could get it work out, and that's what's going to happen. we've got to ignore the wing nuts in both parties and get down to the middle. i think that's what president obama wants to get done. but it's going to take the courage, his courage to ignore his left wing, and the courage of miss mcconnell and john boehner ignore the radical element of their right wing and the middle has to come together. alisyn: we had heard that the president was willing to make $2 trillion worth of cuts according to the biden plan when they left off. is that enough compromise. >> it isn't enough compromise because he's again talking about raising taxes. what we need to do, is we need to reduce spending, we need to attack the nondiscretionarily
1:40 pm
spending. we need to raise the debt ceiling, yes we do and we can close some of the tax loopholes that dick was talking about. but it has to be not the president's way or the highway, it's got tog true compromise. we'll be able to get the votes if democrats are sincere and leave this raising of the tax rates and actually what they want to do is not cut spending but they want to increase revenues to grow government, that is exactly what democrats want to do. alisyn: go ahead, dick. >> the president has proposed $2 trillion in cuts, that is serious cutting. >> over a significant period of time it doesn't make a different. >> no, no, no, no, no, he's talking about immediate cuts, immediate cuts. >> come on. >> and the republican right wingers won't listen. >> we want more, we want more, because our circumstances demand more. alisyn: you know what -- >> we are fighting two wars. >> three wars. >> we are fighting two wars. >> libya. >> and hreub yeah, i'm sorry i'm short one war, we are spending significant money. shall we send that $700 million
1:41 pm
to pakistan? alisyn: i thought you guys just said that you two could work it out because you're reasonable, so what is going on here, dick harpootlian and brad blakeman we'll have you back soon to see if we can hammer out an agreement then. it's already bad news for farmers and a worry for consumers. today we are hearing that a brutal drought could become the new normal of millions of americans. we'll show you why in three minutes. this epic protest a year ago led to all sorts of questions about the tactics being used by some public employee unions. now some of those questions are being answered, as we get our first look at the actual game plan behind this. and casey anthony is out of jail, but where did she go? answers just three minutes away. >> she is gone, she is safe andee lab brat plans had to be made to keep the people away from her. her life is going to be very difficult for a very longtime, as long as there are so many people of a lynch mob mentality.
1:42 pm
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alisyn: there are new fears that a even tins drought could become a permanent fixture in a big part of our country. right now 14 states are suffering from some sort of drought conditions covering one fourth of the country. some climate researchers think this may be a sign of our new normal. we have a drought expert and a national weather service meteorologist. ed thanks nor being here. climb tolclimate experts are cas a creeping disaster. what does that mean? >> tkroubts tend to build over a relatively long period of time. it takes months, seasons and even years for a drought to develop. they are always changing. alisyn: is this just a bad year? obviously we've had soaring temperatures above the 100-degree mark, or is this something more permanent? >> right now it looks like a bad year. i think it's a little too early
1:46 pm
to tell what the long-term implications of this drought might be. alisyn: 25% of the country is under severe to exceptional drought conditions. what affect does it have on those states that we're looking at right now and the rest of the country? >> well, certainly, it tends to be -- to make them hotter during the warm season. high heat index events are much more common during droughts. it requires municipalities and state and local governments to plan and manage their water resources. alisyn: yeah, i mean it sounds like it's more than just hotter. we were just looking there at the global drought, all of those bright red areas, and it seems as though purse, australia is a real cautionary story for us. tell us what is happening in perth and how it could become what is called a ghost city. >> well, i'm not an expert on
1:47 pm
this subject, but i understand that water is becoming an increasing issue in the city of per th. and there is some concern about the sustainability of the city. alisyn: it says unless drastic action is taken perth could become the world's first ghost city, a modern ma tropical list abandoned by 1.7 million people for lack of water. why aren't more people talking about this? >> part of the reason is that there are a lot of other things going on in the world that are interesting, and important that need to be discussed. i also think that we tend to take water for granted, and that may be something, and attitude that is changing. alisyn: it sounds like we can't do that so much any more. thank you for coming in with your exper sees, ed o a*pz lenic. casey anthony did not have to worry about the death penalty,
1:48 pm
but death threats are a different story a live report on efforts to restart her life next. plus a new mission for a set of tkpwaud tkraouquadruplets who ag their love for their country in a very different way. >> it's like they have their own little bond. to see them leave it's a little hard. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box. make sure to look for the white check. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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1:51 pm
alisyn: we have a moving story for you now about the deep love of country that runs through a family from redding, pennsylvania. not one, not two, but four siblings from the pollack family are enlisting in the national guard today. these are 18-year-old
1:52 pm
quadruplets, and they are making the decision to serve at the very same time. we are told that they are spending as much time together now as they can before splitting up for military training. and we're learning today that casey anthony's lawyers madeee lab brat plans to keep her safe after her release from jail. the 25-year-old walking out shortly after midnight on sunday and then quickly disappearing. her location now a closely guarded secret. casey stegall is outside the orange county corrections office. what is the word on the street, casey. >> reporter: elaborate plans are being kept top secret because of casey anthony's safety obviously because of strong visceral reactions from the public, not just from people here in florida, but around the rest of the country for that matter. remember, her release comes just 12 days after the jury acquitted her on the most serious charges, and we need to remind people the reason she walked so quickly
1:53 pm
after the trial wrapping up, because the judge sentenced her to four years behind bars for the four counts she was found guilty on for misleading law enforcement. now she already served three years and then she got credit for good behavior, which is why she left the orange county jail a free woman in the wee hours of sunday morning, leaving, confronting a sea of protestors, where i am standing now. at the time they were holding signs and yelling things like baby killer. very serious concerns for her safety, which is why, again, no one except her attorneys know where she is. >> she might have been safer staying in jail. out here everybody is crazy and stuff. you never know. it's messed up. she should have stayed in jail. >> why do you think she would be safer in jail? >> out here people will try to hurt her. >> reporter: rumors are flying that she could be anywhere from arizona to texas to puerto rico.
1:54 pm
the shear fact of the matter is they are just that rumors. alisyn: casey, do we know who is paying her rent? who is bank rolling all of this? >> reporter: we do not know. she walked out of here with $560 in cash money that was left over in her inmate account. obviously 560-some-odd dollars isn't going to go very far. we a sum she is getting financial support from her attorney, her defense team and she could be out there trying to negotiate some kind of a book deal or big interview deal, but again all just rumors. alisyn: chances are we will see her emerge at some point in the near future. >> reporter: yes we will. alisyn: thank you so much for the update. casey anthony is the topic of our you decide poll. we are asking if you think that she'll ever live a normal life. right now a majority of you say no, while only 7% of people think that there might actually be a chance. there is still crime to vote. go to our home page at
1:55 pm chaos at a concert in canada, a stage collapsed during a violent storm putting the lives of hundreds of people in danger. just ahead, what investigators have learned about how this happened. remember when union protestors surrounded the home of a bank of america executive terrorizing his teenage son? now we have our first look at the protest playbook being used by this union. michelle malkin on that just ahead. @=h
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
alisyn: we start with a fox news alert. we are just getting word of a high-level meeting on the debt crisis behind closed doors. i'm. alisyn: in for megyn kelly. we are learning president obama met privately with two leading republicans sunday.
1:59 pm
house speaker john boehner and majority leader eric cantor. the president says it's working. bret baier joins me now. this is interesting. after last week's big public meeting where there were cameras and lots of lawmakers and photo opportunities and that didn't go so well. now our private meeting the answer? >> they have been happening. we knew speaker boehner had a couple of them and there had been a couple talks between president obama and speaker boehner. the fact that they met privately over the weekend with the president we don't know exactly how much they hammered out as far as details. but hearing from the white house that this meeting went well, and you just heard the president saying what he said about
2:00 pm
progress is being made. that said, when you go up to capitol hill and you talk to lawmakers there is a divide here over what is happening and whether progress is being made. because as you know, the cut, cap and balance bill will be vote on in the house tomorrow. we get word from the white house that the president will veto that if it ever made it to the white house to his desk. it probably wouldn't make it through a democratic senate anyway. so then you go through this process of where are we and what will get through both chambers in the house and senate? alisyn: it's interesting that eric cantor is in these meetings, because it was the president and cantor who had this tiff. now they are both in the meeting. >> they are both talking. and i think you hear the early stories about how speaker boehner wanted to do this big
2:01 pm
deal that may have included tax -- increasing taxes and house majority leader eric cantor pulled him back from that because of the caucus. speaker boehner says that's not how it happened and they have been on the same page. whether you before that or not. two men are in this talking with the president. to see if they can hammer something out that does reduce the debt. that's the key here. because beyond just increasing the debt ceiling is the bigger issue of the massive national debt. and credit rating agencies are not just mentioning the deadlines, they are also mentioning the massive problem the country has overall. alisyn: the clock is ticking so we shall see what comes out of these private meetings. bret baier, thanks so much. one of the world's leading credit agencies said uncle sam should sea polish the debt ceiling entirely.
2:02 pm
moody's say the fight over raising the cap causes more uncertainty than the debt itself. mayor case one of the few nations where lawmakers set a ceiling on the debt. we have up-to-the-minute information on our web site, and remember to make fox news with you when you hit the road this summer. you can find out how to patch your smartphone into the most powerful name in news. check it all out there. therefore new unemployment numbers league wrench into so-called economic recovery. new analysis just released showing unemployment as measured by the polling company has gone up over the first couple weeks in july. it now stands at 8.9%. that's up from 8.7% just weeks ago at the end of june. but what may be more telling is the rate of under employment
2:03 pm
which combines the percentage of unemployed with those working part time. that stands at 18.3%. that's the same rate as one year ago. an extreme weather alert for you now. it's so hot outside. millions of people are struggling to deal with this dangerous heat wave in 17 states from texas to michigan. the sweltering conditions are not expected to let up anytime soon. we are told the heat wave is pushing temperatures over the 90-degree mark in every state except alaska and washington. many will see temperatures over the 100 mark for days on end. when can we expect some relief? janice dean is live in the weather center. >> reporter: i wish i had better news. we'll see high heat across many states for the next several days, even into the weekend.
2:04 pm
we have a dome of high pressure that's anchored across the central u.s., then it will move eastward. folks across the east coast, beware, it's coming towards you. heat advisories as far north as parts of wisconsin and minnesota. heat indices from 105-115 degrees. that's the heat and humidity combined. so the real feel temperature as you head outside. here are your current temperatures. 90 in davenport. 94 in des moines. this is the actual measure of moisture in the atmosphere. when you see 65-70 that's starting to get oppositive. that's prop tropical, oppressive, dangerous for folks heading outdoors. your body cannot cool itself. so what it feels like is 107 in minneapolis. it's incredible we have this amount of moisture in the
2:05 pm
atmosphere as far north as the upper midwest. real quick i want to show you this is tropical storm bret. our second tropical storm of the season but it won't affect the u.s. but i'm sure they would love to see the moisture in some of the drought-stricken areas. alisyn: thanks so much for that updates. for more let's go to wfld fox affiliate reporter live in chicago. what's it feeling like there, joni? >> reporter: we have overcast skies and a little bits after breeze so that many helping out. but the humidity levels and temperatures are higher than normal some of it's increasingly more uncomfortable right now. on the westside of chicago people are taking advantage of a cooling center. but most people know that right now this time of day is the time to head indoors. health officials are warning people right early, they are proactive about this. they wants people to be check
2:06 pm
opening their neighbors. they wants people to take precautions because the heat and humidity combined can increase the chance of heat-related illnesses. they will tell people they will do well being checks. the city crew will go out and check that person and take them to a cooling center or call for medical attention. there are 6 cooling centers around the city of chicago people can go to. they are encouraged to go to police stations and libraries to cool off. just a little bit of time inside a cool building can take the stress off the body. live in chicago, i'm joni lum. alisyn: people should check on their neighbors, particularly the elderly ones. there are terrifying moments for a politician and his family. leonard boswell is a decorated vietnam veteran. he attempted to disarm the man
2:07 pm
himself. his grandson eventually scaring the attacker away by grabbing a nearby shotgun. >> reporter: congressman boswell has known as a tough guy. he was a decorated war hero and he flew assault helicopters during street a number. he was at his farm in ramona, iowa, he was with his wife, his daughter cindy as well as grandson mitchell. at 10:45 at night he was in a different parts of the house. the intruder stormed in the front door. he heard his daughter screaming. he ran to the fronts room and the intruder assaulted his daughter cindy holding her at gun points looking for money. congressman boswell went over and tried to disarm the intruder. his grandson went into another room, grabbed a shotgun, points it at the intruder and the
2:08 pm
suspect fled counties nearby woods. >> he just, you know, want to protect his daughter. he went in there and tried to stop the situation. >> reporter: and stopped it effectively. aside from minor scrapes and bruises. he and his family appear to be fine. the sheriff's office is investigating. there is no sign of the suspect. because there is no sign of the suspect there is no word if he was actually targeting the congressman in particular. obviously the incruder picked the wrong house. there were lots of questions about one of america's biggest public worker unions after hundreds of protesters accused of breaking a number of laws in this angry show of force. now we have some answers in a first ever look as the this group's play book. michelle malkin is going to
2:09 pm
break it down after the break. plus new numbers on the housing market point to new problems ahead. in 20 minute our panel weighs in on how to turn this housing mess around. and he should be 6 feet under right now. a skydiver survives certain death and has the pictures to profit. >> michael's parachute doesn't open properly.
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
alisyn: across stress jane fonda is crying foul after qvc pulled
2:13 pm
her appearance to promote her book. qvc says it was because of scheduling conflicts button today says it's because of her controversial past. it was a little more than a year ago when we got this video of the seiu union protesting at the home of a bank of america executive and touching off controversy over what is fair after they terrorized the banker's young son who was home alone at the time. we are getting our first look at the 70-plus page bullying handsbook put out by the service employees international union. this offers ways to use outside pressure to push companies to the brink of bankruptcy. saying its can involve jeopardizing relationships 20s employer and lenders, investors, stockholders, customers,
2:14 pm
customers, clients, on whom the employer depends for funds. the manual does not stop there. offering ways to threaten the employer with costly action by government agencies or the courts. its goes on. michelle malkin is a fox news contributor. we are getting a glimpse into their play book because the seiu is in court defending itself against charges of racketeering and extortion. they had to open their books and reveal some of their tactics. what are we learning about how they plan some of these protests? >> first all, a tip of the hat to the labor counsel policy guy at competitive enterprise institutes. he's the one who shed light on this thug tactic playbook. just to be clear. there is nothing new about going after corporations and shaking down these executives in this
2:15 pm
manner. this is something the service employees international union, the largest growing public sector union in america has been doing for years and years. in facts prior to this rico lawsuit to shed light and expose all the racketeering and extortion going on by big labor there will be was a previous attempt to hold seiu accountable for these thug tactics by another company several years ago. i think what's most insidious is what they are doing is extracting millions of doll aferls hard-earned union dues from rank and file workers then using those workers as their shock troops to shake down these companies. this is not political free speech. that's what this big labor will try and argue. this crosses the line into systemic and systematic bullying
2:16 pm
and intimidation by labor to get its way. alisyn: let's remember back a year to may of 2010 when a mob showed up at a bank of america executive and his son was home alone. he locked himself in the bathroom. we know from phone calls that he was distressed. he didn't know if the mob was going to come in or what happened. did the play book reveal what they were doing that kay, what their instructions were? >> their instructions were to go after the family members, to go after the personal private property of these executives to intimidate them. and clearly the idea is to get these company executives to capitulate in order to protect their families. this is something they have been rachetting up over the last several years of the obama administration. fortunately that one was caught on tape and we had our fox
2:17 pm
colleague nina easton who happened to be a neighbor of this poor family who was able to provide first-handle testimony of these thug tactics. this is not new. and there is a whole litany of companies and company executives subjected to these tactics. what makes it worse is you have an unholy alliance between the seiu and several so-called communities organizing outfits that are recruited to trespass, go onto this private properties. in some cases they have gone to the schools of children of company executives, this happened in new england, its happened with bank executivessives and it's demonization tactics. politics of personal destruction. when the union cannot get its way on capitol hill in congress or with the white house. alisyn: this line notice manual says the details the use of communities groups to quote
2:18 pm
damage employers' public image and ties with communities leaders and organizations. obviously showing up on someone's fronts lawn arouses the interests of all your neighbors as opposed to going to a bank headquarters where you could protest. >> accusing them of being slave holders. capitalist pigs in some cases. having effigies hanged. i think they need to be called to the carpet. but it's an extension of what former seiu chief andy stern called the persuasion of power. it's power at the end of a closed fist. and that's how they do business. alisyn: michelle malkin, thanks so much for joining us and helping to reveal what's inside this manual. the annual marine corps ball is looking more and more like a red carpet events.
2:19 pm
mira~kunis and justin timberlake are going. we'll tell you about a third hollywood a-lister getting an invites over youtube. a 6-year-old boy gets sucked up by a flash flood. what happened next you have to see. they came into this world together. now they are enlisting together. we'll introduce to you a sets of quadruplets who are joining the army national guard all at the same time. >> i'm so close to all four. it's harder. it's harder for me to see them leave the house. >> it will be quiet. i don't know how we'll react. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
2:20 pm
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2:23 pm
alisyn: a young boy swept away by raging floodwaters in central india. check this out. apparently the 4-year-old was tbhaight river with his uncle when flash floodwaters suddenly rushed in. now we are show you the entire dramatic rescue which starts with two men just inches away from reaching the boy. watch this.
2:24 pm
oh, my goodness. the boy lost consciousness during the ordeal but we are getting reports is in stable condition at a local hospital. the annual marine corps ball starting to look like a list of hollywood a-listers. now a third marine is setting his sights on another celebrity whom he calls the all around
2:25 pm
perfect woman. trace gallagher is live in los angeles with more. tell us about this perfect woman. >> this might be a red carpet events. the marine corps ball. the actresses this marine wants to invite probably will be a lot more fun. the marine is ray lewis. here he is run, getting in -- getting in shape. he then switches, gets into proper attire, then you know what he does? he asks this actress to go to the ball with him. listen. >> i would like to take betty white. she is funny, she is sweet, she is mature. she is the all around perfect woman. >> reporter: betty white. that's who sergeant lewis wants to take to the ball. he served in iraq and afghanistan. he will be performing at a
2:26 pm
rapper at the marine corps ball. he says she would and lot of fun. i think we would laughing to and betty white knows her way around military functions and balls. back in 1945 she was married to an army air corpsman for a short time. but still she probably went to a couple events. no word on betty's response to this request to go to the ball. alisyn: i got a chance to interview letter. she is sassy and fun and funny. she would be the perfect dates. if she did it in 1945, i'm sure she could do it again now. >> reporter: you have got betty, the marine, the rapper. you have got mila and j.t. alisyn: how do we get invitations and let us know when you hear what betty white' response is. there is a possible turning
2:27 pm
point in the housing crisis. what new numbers are telling us and how to find the road to our housing recovery next. concert-goers running for their lives after the stage collapses right in the middle of the show. we are live with that story. sib. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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2:31 pm
alisyn: a new twist on the phone hacking controversy in england. a former news of the world reporter was found dead in his home today. police say the was not you suspicious. the growing scandal forced the newspaper to shut down. several top news corp officials are scheduled to testify to a british government panel tomorrow. a scary accident at a music festival. look at that moment when the stage collapsed right in the middle of the show sending band members and concert-goers running for their lives. eric shawn is live in the new york city newsroom. what happened? >> reporter: take 10,000
2:32 pm
people, a thunderstorm and the result a horrifying collapse on a snaijt middle of a huge outdoor concert. take a look at that again. the classic rock band cheap trick, they were 20 minutes into the act at the ottawa bluesfest concert. five concert-goers were hurt. one seriously. he had a piece of the stage pierce his stomach. none of the new mexico of the band cheap trick were injured, even though they were on that stage. concert officials say they were watching the weather with what was a weather warning quickly turned into a severe situation. it collapsed backwards. thank play not forwards into the crowd. people say it happened so fast everybody started running and screaming and thousands of fans had to take shelter in a nearby
2:33 pm
museum. that happened just before 8:00 p.m. last night. winds were clocked at 56-mile-per-hour. it shows what can happen when large crowds are unprotected in open areas during violent weather like we have had in our country. the bluesfest is a 12-day music extravaganza. it was scheduled to end last night. the rest of the program was cancelled as soon as that stage collapsed. one of the band members say thankfully no one was killed. he said gear can be replaced, people can't. now they are investigating why that stage toppled backwards. alisyn: we may finally have hit rock bottom on the housing market. numbers out today show an index that gauges how builders feel about the industry rows 2 points to a score of 15. the problem is anything below 50
2:34 pm
indicates negative sentiment. the index has not been at 50 since april of 2006. if you can believe it. the height of the housing boom. sharwelcome to both of you. cheryl, tell us how you interpret the housing news? >> it's still not good news. it's below 50. you said it in the introduction. 13 points, 17 points, 25 points would not mean anything. builder sentiment is negative. it will continue to be negative for months and months at 4%. builders are not getting any more traffic through their doors than they were getting 6 months ago, two years ago, nothing has changed. unfortunately the small uptick is being perceived by analysts
2:35 pm
on wall street as thanks but no thanks. alisyn: are you seeing small movement in the right direction? >> there are silver linings to this cloud. if you look at the investor market. they are moving into the real estate market. there is a tremendous amount of property selling 100% cash. and that is good news. investor inventories -- rental inventories are at an all-time lows and we need more investors to start b -- start buying. it's a tick, not anything we should be celebrating today. we need the inventory out there to be absorbed. >> reporter: let's talk about some solutions. how can some of that inventory be absorbed as alex just said. what is the answer. is it time to say forgive all foreclosures? >> the banks are moving in some collection in that regard. some of it is a positive
2:36 pm
direction. we are seeing some of the banks that own some of the properties in the hardest-hit areas going in and doing the renovation projects on the homes. themselves to boost the value so they can gets rid of that home. the banks are also realizing the paperwork more last when you try to buy a foreclosed property. they will have to sit on these homes for two more years or couple with creative financing. the banks have money. the u.s. government has been injecting capital into banks and into the system via stimulus the last two years. the banks are confident enough they tell us that they will begin to deal with these mortgages. but it's got to be the foreclosures. it's weather answer has to be. >> we need to move through the distressed inventory as quickly as we can.
2:37 pm
government programs that delay the inevitable give people too much time. those aren't helpful. we have a ton of people who have gone the into mortgages they can't afford. and even more troubling is people who don't have jobs simply can't pay. so we need to alloy them to move on. banks are moving in the right direction. there is a ton of short sales being approved. investors are buying those short sales and we are moving through inventory. the faster we dock that the faster we get back to a healthy market and get back to builders being able to build. alisyn: you heard throwing money at the problem is not the solution. >> remember the home buyer credit? there was a big movement into new homes as well. but new home sales picked up a bit when the government offered that incentive. not a bad idea.
2:38 pm
having said that, does the government want to be on the hook for giving more tax breaks, tax incentives when we are talking about where else can we cut? are they going to want to spend on the housing market? i'm not sure that debate is happening in washington and does anybody want that debate as we are waiting on this debt deal? alisyn: what do you think, more incentives? >> we did have some stimulation of the housing market when we had tax credits, but it fell off the cliff the second the tax credits were pulled. what we are doing is pulling forward future purchases and not causing a dramatic shift in the market. if you look at where we can liquidate inventory it's to the investor market for rentsal property. rents are going up. this creates a great investment markets and we need more investors. let's bring them back counties market.
2:39 pm
>> who are these cash investors? where are they? if there is cash on the sidelines, nobody is willing to put it to work. the last place anybody wants to put money to work is the housing markets. >> in some months of this year, 30% of clothing are cash and over half of investor closings are cash. real estate is on sale. and the cap rates you can realize in real estate are unlike anything else you can make in the markets. real estate outperforms every other investment cash. alisyn: today is a good day to buy a house if you have you a chunk of cash. thanks so much for coming in. meanwhile we have news for drivers today more headed for a fillup. we just hit a milestoner to prices at the pull and it's not a good one. sending a son or daughter into battle is tougher enough. but one military family is making a monumental sacrifice to defend america.
2:40 pm
we'll talk to them right after this break. >> they stay together in a lot of things. >> it's like they have their own little bond. to see them leave is hard. ♪
2:41 pm
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alisyn: a north carolina bride making a determined trip down the siel one year after a tragic accidents. rachael freedman has been a quadraplegic since being pushed into a pool at her wedding party. this friday freedman and her devoted free and you say will finally say their vows just a little bit later than they had planned. an incredible story. here is another incredible story for you. they were boring to, they grew upping to, now they are serving uncle sam together.
2:44 pm
from an army of one to an army of four. you are about to meet the pollack family. they are 18-year-old quadruplets and they are enlisting in the army national guard together. the first siblings shipping out today, but not before a chicken sendoff party. >> i'm leaving my family. >> i'm sad she is leaving. >> i won't see her for 9 months. >> she'll be gone for 6 months. all of us aren't used to that because we have been together since the beginning. alisyn: jim pollack joins me now. hi, jim. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. alisyn: tell me how your kids told you about their plan to all enlist together. >> erin came home one day and decided she wanted to enlist in the national guard. we were behind her, we spoke
2:45 pm
with her recruiter. and after we spoke with her about it, the other kids decided to talk with the recruiter as well. alisyn: what did you think when you learned that all four of your kids, these 18-year-old yawd quadruplets were going to make this pact and do it together? >> it was shocking that all four of them decided to do it. we aren't ready for them to leave. it's a tough morning for my wife and i when erin left. but we were all here. her brothers and sisters her here when she left this morning. its has been rough going but we'll gets through it. alisyn: we can imagine how tough it must be for you and your wife as you watch your kids go off to serve. this sunday you had a going away
2:46 pm
party. i imagine that was bitter sweet. >> we had the family over. had a party, get together. to say good-bye to everybody. and it lasted most of the day. alisyn: how is your wife holding up? >> not very well. she has her good moments and qaddafi moments. she is doing a lot of crying. alisyn: for parents out there like me who try to teach our kids about sacrifice and patriotism. what did you do right that you produced four self-less kids? >> i don't know. i'm a police officer. my worked 911. we tried to make sure they go on the right path. both their ground fathers served in the military. my wife's taughter in the air force. they just seemed to follow that
2:47 pm
way. to the military. alisyn: obviously your family has a tradition of public service and you must on some level have emphasized it. were all of your kids good kids? was there any rebel in the bunch? >> not really. they all have their own personalities. but they are all really close with each other. they haven't had any problems with them at all growing up. alisyn: well, you obviously have done something right. our best to all of your kids as they head off for this sacrifice. we appreciate you coming in and telling us your personal story. give our regards to dim you're wife. we know it will take some courage for her to hold up over these next months. thanks so as much, jim. meanwhile, a skydiver's fears come true at 15,000 feet.
2:48 pm
>> i was doing a job as usual, showing people a good time. introducing them to skydiving. alisyn: you would think a fall like that from 15,000 feet would mean certain death. think again. we have that amazing survival story straight ahead. >> michael's parachute doesn't open properly. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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2:51 pm
alisyn: senator harry reid announced a short time ago that the senate will stay in session every day until a debt deal is reached. that includes this coming weekends. here is reid on the senate floor. >> we are going to stay in session every day including saturdays and sundays until congress passes legislation to
2:52 pm
prevent the united states from defaulting on its obligations. we have a lot of things to do. not as many things as normal but extremely important things will take time. so i know it's going to be inconvenient to have people rearrange their schedules, working the days and sundays and mondays. we have to be in session continuously. alisyn: white house spokesman jay carney says president obama is pushing for the biggest possible deficit package possible. he says the communications between the white house and congressional leaders has been continuing. we'll update you as we learn more. it's the end of an era onboard the international space station. shuttle astronauts bidding
2:53 pm
farewell to the space station forever. they packed up for their final journey home. chris gutteres is live in dallas. it's a bitter sweet day. what do you know about their mission? >> reporter: the hatch between the space shuttle and international space station was sealed for the last time earlier this morning. by before that door was closed, take a look. there were a lot of handshakes and hugs between the crew members. the atlantis crew did leave behind a few mementos as well as a small shuttle model. today's final good-byes as you mentioned were bitter sweet. listen here. >> the finality of our service in this mission. it hits you with greater force the closer you get to the end. the emotions feel more intense today than they felt back on
2:54 pm
flight day two or flight day three. and i know it -- it will feel powerful as we near the end of our shift after complefghts our separation burns. >> reporter: the shuttle crew was busy overnight to so a cannister. it's roughly the size of a school bus. it's full of trash and old equipment. the crew will return home thursday. alisyn: we'll be live. looking forward to their return. hard to believe it's all over. chris, thank you so much for showing us that. casey anthony is out of jail amid heavy security. she was wisked away to an undisclosed location. where could she be. and what is next for the one-time accused child killer. we are live with that story. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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2:58 pm
michael was wearing a helmet camera when he jumped outside of a plane at 15,000, and seconds later, the worst nightmare the parachute is tangled and will not open put, him in a terminal tailspin. plummeting to earth as his friends watched helplessly. >> he was hurled to the ground and he uses his helmet. martha: that was home saying "i'm dead, by." >> bushes and help from the man upstairs kept him alive and that skydiver is our guest, tomorrow, live, right here on "america live." tune in for that. as you know, we like to do this thing called live television
2:59 pm
here and sometimes it doesn't go exactly as planned. watch this. >> san diego yacht and beach show, hanging out with my friend, john. >> it starts right now. >> this is your fox five news. (laughter). >> my god! what is that? what is that? what is that? can someone tell me what is going on? >>alisyn: how many times have we said that? that was our affiliate in san diego live tv at its best. we thought we with show you a clip of that. thank you for joining, here for megyn. and "studio b" with shepard smith starts

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